XBTF011310 Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-F Télémécanique XBTF011310

MAGELiS XBT-F graphic units are an excellent match for your PLC, providing optimal functionality in a graphical operator terminal.
Combining up-to-date features with simple set-up and ease of use design techniques, the XBT-F will communicate with automation products from a variety of manufacturers. The MAGELiS display offers a compact economical solution in allowing data access and operator input meeting requirements for various applications.
MAGELiS display units connect directly to a PLC reducing programming within the PLC. A variety of PLC protocols are available and can be downloaded from your PC to the MAGELiS unit.
The Windows™-based configuration software allows you to easily create and modify messages and alarms. Alarms can be prioritized and assigned a large selection of colors. Printouts can include a time and date stamp.
Monochrome and color screens are available with a resolution of 320×240 or 640×480 pixels. Graphic terminals are available with static and dynamic keys, while the touch screens are resistive matrix tactile feedback. The XBT-F can provide animated objects, alphanumeric variables, bar graphs, gauges, enumerated lists, and a wide selection of imported bitmaps.
Designed to go wherever a push button or graphic display is needed, the XBT-F displays are rugged and dependable, providing an economical, multifunctional, and compact matrix interface.

– Operating 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
– Storage -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)

Degree of Protection
-Front Panel IP 65, conforming to IEC 529, NEMA 4
-Rear Panel IP 20, conforming to IEC 529

Conforming to Standards
IEC 1132-2, IEC 801-2 level 3
IEC 801-3 and IEC 801-4 level 3
IEC 68-2-6, IEC 68-2-27
UL 508, CSA

Flush-mounted, by pressuretype fasteners (supplied) on .04 to .24 in (1.6 to 6 mm) thick panel

5.7”, 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)

5.7” monochrome, back-lit with 16 levels of grey (keypad)

Power Supply
Voltage 24 VDC
Voltage Limits 18-30 V
Ripple 5% maximum

35 W

Keypad type communications XBT-F011
-Soft Keys : 8 (with LED)
-Static Keys : 10 (with LED and re-usable labels)
-Service Keys : 12
-Alphanumeric Keys : 12 + 3 for alphabetical access

-RAM 2.5 MB
-Application Pages 400 approximately
-Alarm Pages 400 approximately
-Application Memory 4, 8, 10 MB

Transmission Medium
Asynchronous serial link RS232/RS485/RS422

Real-Time Clock
Access to programmable controller real-time clock

Printer Port
Asynchronous serial link RS232

Power Supply Connection
5-pin plug-in terminal block

Data Connection
Serial Port SUB-D 25-pin female connector
Printer Port SUB-D 9-pin male connector

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