Terminal HMI XBT-C Télémécanique XBTC7220

Terminal HMI-Série XBT C


– Écran fluorescent
– 30 touches de fonction avec LEDS
– 12 touches numériques, 7 touches édition
– Alimentation 24V
– Liaison série connecteur 25-pi

XBT-B and XBT-c terminals are designed for :

DISPLAY of information in the operator own language
COMMANDS sent by the user defined function keys,
ENTRY of valus through the numeral key pad,
SELECTION of operation modes

PROTECTED front panel meets IP65 standards,
READABLE green fluorescent alphanumeric character display, 10mm high characters that can be read from a dstance of 4 meters,
COMFORTABLE tactile feedback keyboard for data entry
SAFE isolated serial links, built in self tests unpluggable under power,
CUSTOMIZABLE all function keys have built in label holders for customizing for the application

Asynchronous serial link communication data exchange protocols :
ASCII mode for exchanges with all programmable automation systems,
Adjsut Mode or UNI-TE protocol for direct exchange with local TSX Series 7 PLC via UNI-TELWAY bus or remote PLCs via TLWAY 7.

The supported data links are :
– point to point (RS-232C, 20 mA Current Loop, RS-422/485),
– multipoint (20 mA Current Loop and RS-422/485).

Display :
The XBT terminals have 14 segmnt plus decimal point green fluorescent displays that can display 16 characters that are 10 mm high and 6.4 mm wide.

The XBT-B8… terminal has a single display.
The XBT-C8… terminal has two displays.

Keyboard :
Function key with label holder and LED
Function key zone for function keys and label holder. There are two types of function key :
– with built-in label holder on the key (30 key function key pad) on XBT-C… terminals.
– with label holder next to the key (15 key function key pad) on XBT-B… terminals.
All functions keys are fitted with a LED indicator. The label holders provided for the function keys are used to customize the XBT terminal to the application.

Numeral keys
– keys 0 to 9 and . are used for numerical entries
– the – key toggles the sign between + and –

Edit keys
HELP : In ASCII protocol operation, this key sends the code ECC C 001 LF CR on the line. In Adjust protocol, it can be used to set parameters (as function key 00). In operation, the use of this key is left up to the application program.
CTRL : Only valid in confidential mode, the key selects and quits additional functions mode. This key is fitted with a LED that lights when the user selects additional functions.
INCR DECR : In operation, these keys will increment and decrement a value. In configuration modes, these keys will trigger an operation or change a parameter.
FUNCT : In operation, this key enables entry of an indirect access function mode. In configuration mode, the key toggles between XBT functions. In confidential mode, these key toggles between aditional functions.
DEL : Clears the last figure entered in a numerical value enabling another value to be entered.
ENTER : In operation, enables validation of a numerical response or acknowledgement or a fault. In configuration mode, enables selection of the displayed function, in confidential mode, enables validation of a value entered or moves to the next step.

XBTC7220 – XBT C7220 – XBTC 7220 – XBT C 7220 TELEMECANIQUE