XBTA72101 Terminal HMI XBT-A Schneider Telemecanique

XBTA72101 Terminal HMI XBT-A Schneider Telemecanique

Terminal HMI-Série XBT A


– Écran fluorescent
– 12 touches de fonction avec LEDS
– 12 touches numériques, 3 touches édition
– Alimentation 24V
– Liaison série connecteur 25-pin

XBTA72101 Terminal HMI XBT-A Schneider Telemecanique

The XBT-A terminal has 16 green fluorescent, 14 segments (plus decimal point) display characters that are 10 mm high.

The XBT-A terminal has a 27-key keyboard that is split into 3 zones:
– a 12-key zone for function keys that can be customized for direct operator access, depending on the version selected :
. XBT-A70101 : 12 function keys marked F1 to F12
. XBT-A71101 : 12 function keys with label holders,
. XBT-A72101 : 12 function keys with LEDs and label holders,
. XBT-A73101 : 4 red LEDs and 8 function keys with label holders.

– a 12 numeric key a zone for operator inputs:
key 0 to 9 and . for numeric entries
key – (toggle) to enter a negative or positive sign value

– a 3 edit key zone:
. FUNCT key for indirect operator access and selection in configuration mode
. DEL key to delete
. ENTER to validate
Note: the combination of ENTER + FUNCT keys enables selection of operating modes (Operation or Configuration).

The XBT-A terminal is equiped as standard with isolated serial links for connection to PLCs, microcomputers and all microcomputer systems.
– RS 232C serial link,
– Current loop link (passive, passing or blocked),
– RS 422-485 serial link.

The parameters of these data links can be set in Configuration mode.
The various transmission modes are mutually exclusive.
The exchange modes that can be used are :
– ASCII mode: PLCs and various automation systems,
– Adjust mode for TSX Series 7 PLCs.

XBTA72101 – XBT A72101 – XBTA 72101 – XBT A 72101 TELEMECANIQUE