Terminal HMI XBT-VM Télémécanique XBTVM824370

Terminal HMI XBT-VM Télémécanique XBTVM824370

Terminal HMI-Série XBT VM


– Ecran 10″ couleur semi-graphique
– Clavier 37 touches avec LEDs
– 14 touches de fonction, 12 touches numériques, 11 touches édition
– Alimentation 24V

Terminal HMI XBT-VM Télémécanique XBTVM824370

The XBT-VM is a compact screen terminal comprising a semi-graphic colour screen and a keyboard composed of function keys with LEDs, numerical keys and service keys.

As the XBT-VA terminal, it is intended to be used as an operator dialogue station and for the maintenance of a production control system. It can also be connected locally to a printer.

XBT-L900 is especially designed to speed the development of applications for XBT-VM terminals.

An XBT-VM application offers the operator three types of function :

– a surveillance application
The variables are scanned automatically, independently of the displayed application pages (40 variables per station, a maximum of 10 stations). Indication of changes of state with hard copy to a printer enable this function to be used for centralising faults in the applications.

– accessing the PLCs Adjust mode
With the XBT-VM terminal, a list of TSX 7 variables and their format can be saved. This enables the operator to modify or force their status with no risk of error for control system operation.

– operator dialogue application
The tree structure of these text and graphic pages enables the operator to follow
the progress of the manufacturing process and react to its status.

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