Terminal HMI XBT-KN Télémécanique XBTKN804110

Terminal HMI XBT-KN Télémécanique XBTKN804110

Terminal HMI-Série XBT KN


– Écran fluorescent vert
– 2 lignes de 20 caractères
– Alimentation 24V
– Liaison série connecteur 25-pin

Terminal HMI XBT-KN Télémécanique XBTKN804110
To meet the overriding need for machine productivity, control systems are required to provide ever increasing amounts of data.
In order to be able to control machines during operation the operator needs a simple form of dialogue in the production language.

This is a primary feature of the XBT-K display terminal.
It allows the operator to be informed about the status of the machine:
– display of operating settings, PROGRAM = 7.COMPONENT 3
– continuous display of measurements, CONVEYOR SPEED = 5
– clear display of faults, OIL PRESSURE FAULT

The XBT-K display terminal has been developed for use in environments:
– rugged : zinc alloy front facia,
– practical : flush mountable, fast installation,
– protection : watertight front facia (IP 65)
– readable : fluorescent display,
– reliable : integrated self-tests.

The terminals can be adapted according to usage :
– memory for 180 messages of 20 characters, industrial
– standard serial transmission interface (simplified RS 232 C, 20 mA current loop or RS 422) and parallel interface.

Message memory
The XBT-K terminal is equipped with a memory for 180 messages.
Storing these messages in the XBT-K alleviates the application memory requirement for the programmable controller, and considerably reduces the flow of information along the serial link.
These messages are protected by a lithium battery (5 year back-up for normal conditions of use).
The messages can be :
– display of settings
– display of changing variables
– display of faults

The messages include one or several attributes, defined during storing, to simplify later use by the application program :

Storing these messages is achieved using :
1) a visual display terminal
2) a T407 programming terminal,
3) a personal computer (PCPSR).

The display of a message is always controlled by:
– an ASCII message via an asynchronous link. (The use of TSX7 adjustment protocol considerably simplifies the application program for the user.)
– via a parallel interface.

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