Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-P Télémécanique XBTP021110

Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-P Télémécanique XBTP021110

Terminal HMI-Série Magelis XBT P


– Écran LCD Backlight 5×7 pixels
– 2 lignes de 20 caractères
– 12 touches de fonction, 10 touches de service
– 12 touches alphanumériques
– Alimentation 24V
– Port imprimante

Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-P Télémécanique XBTP021110

– 2 line by 20 character display

– high visibility fluorescent or cost-effective LCD technology

– multiple keypad versions available with incremental thumbwheel or numeric data entry and with 8 or 12 function keys

– LEDs on function keys to guide and prompt operator

– customizable front panel design

– FLASH-EEPROM capability for remote loading of application programs and protocols

– approximately 400 application pages

– 256 possible alarm pages

– optional alarm logging and printout

– terminal simulation tool in software for verifying application programs with PC prior to PLC/terminal installation

– 3 optional message languages and 5 system languages resident for international users

– UL listed, CSA certified and with CE marking

– conformance to European Health and Safety Directive (89/655/EEC)

– worldwide availability and fast delivery

The MAGELiS XBT-P operator terminal can be used for a large variety of applications. Control systems can be point-to-point or for multidrop PLC configurations.
XBT-P terminals connect directly to a PLC system. Downloadable protocols allow you to communicate to a wide variety of PLCs.
Along with optimum access to data, the XPT-P offers maximum control. With eight to twelve programmable function keys capable of performing a variety of functions you can increase operator control of a particular process. Data entry errors are reduced by minimum and maximum entry limits. An optional historical event feature enables you to retrieve alarms in the order recorded for terminal viewing or printing.
Whether your application is electronic assembly equipment, conveyor systems, textile or pharmaceutical production machinery, MAGELiS XBT-P terminals are ideal for both stand alone applications and in large, distributed control environments.

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