Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-GT Télémécanique XBTGT4230

Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-GT Télémécanique XBTGT4230

Terminal HMI-Série Magelis XBT GT


– Écran LCD 7.5″ STN couleur, 4096 couleurs
– Résolution pixel VGA
– Fonctions : alphanumeric, bitmap, bargraph, gauge, button, light, clock, flashing light, keypad
– Port COM1 SubD9 (RS232C-422) & COM2 RJ45 (RS485)
– Mémoire application/backup 32 MB/512 KB
– Port Ethernet, IEE 802.3 100 BASE-T, RJ45
– Alimentation 24V

Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-GT Télémécanique XBTGT4230
The Magelis® offer includes:
– Range of 16 touch screen terminals (XBT GT) available with a wide choice of screen sizes (3.8″, 5.7″, 7.5″, 10.4″ 12.1″ and 15″) in various versions (monochrome, color, STN or TFT).
– Range of 3 keypad/touch screen terminals (XBT GK), sizes 5.7″ and 10.4″
(monochrome, color).
– Range of 2 open touch screen terminals (XBT GTW), sizes 8.4″ and 15″ with Windows XP Embedded for open access to new automation functions.
– Portable touch screen terminal (XBT GH) with 5.7″ color screen and safety devices (emergency stop, enabling grip switch, etc.).

Magelis XBT terminals feature new information and communication technologies which, depending on model, include:
– High level of communication (on-board Ethernet, multilink, Web server and FTP).
– External storage of data (Compact Flash memory card and USB Memory Stick) for storing production data and backing up applications.
– Multimedia data with integrated image and sound management (digital or analog camera).
– Peripheral management: printers, bar code readers, loudspeakers, etc.

Magelis® XBT terminals can be configured using Vijeo Designer™ VJD **D TGS V**M software, in a Windows XP® or Windows Vista® environment. The advanced ergonomics of the Vijeo Designer VJD **D TGS V**M software, designed around several functional windows, enables quick and simple development of a project. This version enables composite video signal processing from a camera or camcorder.

Magelis® XBT terminals provide the following functions:
– display of animated synoptic views with 8 types of animation (pressing touch panel, changing of color, filling, movement, rotation, size, visibility and value display),
– control, modification of numeric and alphanumeric variables,
– display of date and time,
– real-time and trending curves with log,
– alarm display, alarm log and management of alarm groups,
– multiwindow management,
– operator initiated page calls,
– multilingual application management (10 languages at the same time),
– recipes management,
– data processing via Java script,
– application and log storage on external Compact Flash application memory card (multifunction range) or USB key,
– serial printer and bar code reader management (multifunction range),
– sound messages management (multifunction range), composite video signal management from camera or camcorder on XBT GT and digital video signal (Webcam) management on XBT GTW.

XBT terminals have been designed for Transparent Ready® architectures and equipment (combination of Web and Ethernet TCP/IP technologies).

Therefore, all terminals with an Ethernet port integrate an FTP server for data file transfer and a Web Gate function for remote access to the application of the XBT terminal from a PC with an Internet browser.

The latest version of Vijeo Designer™ therefore allows terminal XBT to browse HTML pages.

The flexibility of embedded Windows XP® enables Internet Explorer® or Microsoft Office® Readers (.pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt documents) to be used on XBT GTW touch screen/open terminals while a Vijeo Designer™ application is running.