Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-G Télémécanique XBTG2220

Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-G Télémécanique XBTG2220

Terminal HMI-Série Magelis XBT G


– Écran LCD 5.7″ STN couleur, 64 couleurs
– Résolution pixel QVGA 320×240 pixels
– 8×16 points 40 caractères par colonne, 15 colonnes
– 16×16 points 20 caractères par colonne, 15 colonnes
– 32×32 points 10 caractères par colonne, 7 colonnes
– 16×12 touches/écran (1 ou 2 zone(s) d’appui)
– Port série
– Alimentation 24V

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Terminal HMI Magelis XBT-G Télémécanique XBTG2220

All Telemecanique XBT G terminals are at the cutting edge of technology.

– High level of communication (onboard Ethernet, simultaneous multiple link with Uni-Telway, Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP)
– External data medium (Compact Flash card) for storing production data and backing up applications
– Multimedia data with integrated management of image and sound.

Telemecanique XBT G terminals can be configured with VijeoDesigner VJD SPUL software in the Windows environment. VijeoDesigner VJD SPUL software boasts an advanced user interface with many configurable windows, enabling projects to be developed quickly and easily.
– Browser
– Library of animated graphic objects
– Online help display
– Display of error reports
– Display of object properties
– Display of list of variables

VijeoDesigner VJD SPUL software from Telemecanique allows users to process information in the XBT G terminal, using scripts written in Java. A wealth of advanced functions is available on the XBT G terminals so that you can process the maximum amount of data with greater speed and reliability, and thus respond to the changing requirements of your enterprise.
– Multiple languages handled (up to 20)
– Management of multiple windows with pop-ups
– Numerous character fonts (Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic)
– Logs for alarms and trend charts, etc.

The front panel comprises:
A touch-sensitive display screen containing animated synoptics (from 5.7” to 12.1” color)
A backlight status indicator light

The rear panel comprises:
One screw terminal block for 24 V power supply
Two expansion unit interfaces 1 and 2 (one only on XBT G5230)*
One 25-pin female SubD connector for RS232 C or RS485 serial link to
PLCs, with XBT ZG915 cable
One miniDIN connector for application transfer cable
One 9-pin SUB serial extension connector
One RJ 45 connector for Ethernet connection (10Base T)
One slot for Compact Flash card, with cover
One I/O terminal block for sound output connection

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