STB AVO 1250 Analog Voltage Output Module (two-channel, bipolar-selectable, 11-bit + sign)

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The STB AVO 1250 is a standard Advantys STB two-channel analog voltage output module that writes outputs to analog actuators that operate over a user-selectable range of either 0 to10 V or -10 to +10 V. The analog portion of the module is isolated from the island’s actuator bus to improve performance. To take advantage of this internal isolation feature, the actuators must be powered from an external power supply. If isolation is not required, you can use the module to deliver field power to
the actuators—24 VDC for actuator 1 from the top connector, and 24 VDC for actuator 2 from the bottom connector. The module mounts in a size 1 I/O base and uses two six-terminal field wiring connectors.